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Batchelder Properties

Bruce Batchelder
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Sally Batchelder
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Do you have a vacant home? Do you want better cash flow?

An empty home ages and wears all by itself. The result is that it may sell for less than an occupied home that has been maintained by responsible tenants and managers. Call Bruce at 530-598-1586 or Email Bruce Today

We Do Property Management

We have been doing Property Management for years now and we have strong routines and policies that protect you, the owner, while preserving your home's value. Call Bruce at 530-598-1586 or Email Bruce Today

Looking For A Rental?

Demand right now is swamping the supply and as a result we have had near zero vacancy in our inventory for several months. But they turn over . . . people buy and vacate for example. So sign up to see new listings. Better yet, go to Contact Us at the top of this page and send an email with your needs. That will get you to the top of our radar display! Call Bruce at 530-598-1586 or Email Bruce Today

Does Your Choice Say “Currently Leased”?

Call us anyway! 530-598-1586

Rental leases have an expiration date and the tenant may or may not renew, or the rental may be on month-to-month terms and can be made available to a client who wants a lease. Call us for availability!